Wednesday, 13 May 2009

look what I got

This is my fab photo bag from with my holiday pic on it from Mallorca. Isn't it great?

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bye bye balloon

Emily bought a balloon on Easter Sunday at Pollenca Town market. On the morning we left the villa to come home we tied a piece of paper to it with her name and address on and let it go in the villa garden. We said that it might land in someone's garden and they'd write to her. She was so upset but what else could we do, we couldn't take it on the plane with us and didn't want to pop it. Anyway, here's the video...

Drive back from the beach

OMG is that what I really sound like? You know when you hear a recording of yourself and think, I sound awful!! I do. Please excuse the cackling witch who's narrating. This is our last trip from the beach to the villa so I thought I'd video it for posterity. The beach road is just behind us as I couldn't get the camera out in time. We just loved the drive back through the countryside to our peaceful villa. It was beautiful. Hope you like it.

Sorry to all those who are cyclists among you... We really got fed up as there are hundred of cyclists on holiday in Majorca who seem to think they own the road. There were some who obeyed the rules of the road by riding on cycle paths in single file, but most were in large packs wearing bright coloured lycra who rode in the road when there was a cycle path next to it and took up the whole lane - so we thought up a new sport - cyclist skewering. We thought it could be a great spectator sport. Two participants needed, one to drive, the passenger to hold a long wooden pole out of the window and see how many cyclists you could skewer or knock off!!

more Playa de Muro

Monday, 27 April 2009

Playa de Muro

I was aiming for a panoramic shot of the beach but it didn't work too well...

Playa de Muro

more villa pics